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International Business Program (Loyola University Maryland)

The course aims to develop critical thinking, improve analytical skills and design a strategy focused on the customer. The emphasis is placed on business ethics, international finance and marketing in both advanced and emerging economies, combined with the improvement of students’ oral fluency and writing skills. The programme offers a strong interconnection between the various topics discussed in class, which are supported by business cases and the instructors’ expertise. The course is taught in partnership with Loyola University in Maryland (USA).

January, 2015 - May, 2015
200 hours
Plaza de Cervantes 10, Alcalá de Henares


This program is designed to not only respond to the educational needs of undergraduate students from Loyola University in Maryland (USA) who must complete a stay in a non-American University, yet also satisfy the needs of university students that wish to complete studies in Business following the North-American method of study. In this sense, those successfully completing the program will receive a Certificate from the Universidad de Alcalá, issued in collaboration with Loyola University in Maryland. The program will be taught primarily in English, following the teaching methodology from a North-American University.

The program is designed to offer students insight into international business management through giving them a multicultural perspective. In addition the program aims to improve their professional competencies that prepare them for the incorporation into the business world.

Another objective of this intensive program is that the participants obtain a fluent grasp of English, using correct grammar and a vocabulary adequate for the corporate world, with special attention given to pronunciation and oral skills.  This course provides the skills needed to communicate in all aspects of daily occurrence in business life.  By the end of the course, the student should be able to speak English confidently and effectively in public.

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