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Master in Finance & Banking

The Master in Finance & Banking aims to develop a new generation of finance analysts. We believe students need to know strategic maneuvers of companies to remain in a competitive and challenging economic environment.

October 2016 - June 2017
60 ECTS credits
Plaza de Cervantes 10 (Alcalá de Henares)

Introduction Master in Finance & Banking

Welcome to the Master in Finance & Banking, a programme aimed to develop a new generation of finance analysts. The global credit crisis has created a challenging economic environment. At CIFF, we understand that at times of turmoil, students want a programme that is both solid and practical, focusing on generating solutions to ever changing situations in the finance industry.

In today’s financial world, local strategies are no longer sufficient, financial service providers must think globally. Through stimulating class study, and enriched understanding in a company placement with one of our many international partners, this programme challenges and inspires our students, equipping them with the knowledge and experience needed to face the challenges in the financial world of today.

We look forward to meeting you in Madrid and hope you can join our programme.

Dr. Eliseo Navarro
Director Master in Finance & Banking
CIFF Business School

The Master in Finance & Banking provides any recent graduate or any young professional with different financial tools and skills, to make a quantitative a qualitative change and take off to a distinguished career in finance thanks to:

  • One of Spain’s best Masters in Finance according to the 2014 El Mundo ranking (+info).
  • A methodology that combines the use of specialized software, case studies and group work in order to provide our students with 360º view when addressing any issue.
  • A multicultural environment with faculty members and students from more than 20 different countries from around the world.
  • A Career Service Department that will help you find the best career opportunities and help you go through any selection process successfully.
  • An Alumni Community formed by more than 189 professionals so far.

In CIFF we offer you more than a Master in Finance & Banking, the learning process is not limited to the daily classes, it goes on through the different seminars and activities that we develop during the year and continues with the experience shared with CIFF faculty & staff members, and with your worldwide classmates.

We offer you a life changing experience, do you accept the challenge?