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Application Process

The application process may be summarized in the following scheme:

To begin the admission process of the Master must tell your contact information by completing the Request for Information form. A Manager will contact you to begin the first phase, which should provide the following documentation:
  • Curriculum Vitae (European format)
  • Copy of the University Degree Certificate (scanned .jpg)
  • Copy of the University Academic File (scanned .jpg)
  • Copy of Passport (scanned .jpg)
  • Copy of two (2) Recommendation Letters (scanned .jpg)
  • Passport Sized Colour Photo (scanned .jpg)
  • Completed Application Form
  • Personal Interview (In the case that the Academic Committee judges it pertinent; an interview with the candidate will be agreed)
  • English Test (To give us a clear understanding of the linguistic aptitudes of the candidates)
  • Admission Test (In the case that the Academic Committee judges it pertinent; an aptitude test will be sent to the candidate) 
The fee reservation is the student's commitment to pursue the chosen training program and will be subtracted from the amount of the program tuition. CIFF recommends that these reservations is made being aware of the responsibilities that entails, as no withdrawals are made (except in cases of extreme gravity).